CHAPTER ONE: Pedal Power: Foot and Shoe Fetish

Feet are the #1 Kink; Sweat Glands and Hormones; Levels of Fetishism; Difference between Kink and Fetish;
Feet and Shoes in Action: Gas Pedal Pumping; The Erotic Equation: Pressure + Resistance = Excitement; Sidekink: Hair

CHAPTER TWO: Ponyplay Comes Out of the Stables

Ponyplay in History; Sir Guy Masterleigh and The Other Pony Club, England; Major Themes: Power Play; BDSM Guidelines; The Equestrian Club, NYC; Piper Pony; Danny the Wonder Pony; Major Themes: Transformation; Paul Reed, Equus Eroticus Magazine; SubMissAnn and the LA Pony & Critter Club; Kinky Fox Hunts; Sidekink: Puppy Play

CHAPTER THREE: Balloon Fetish: A Pop Kink

Balloon Buddies; The Power of Odor and Memory; Latex + Pressure; Why So Many More Men Than Women?; Buster Steve, Gay Looner Icon; Poppers Vs. Non-Poppers; Top 10 Media Sightings for Looners; The Baroness’ Balloon Fetish Parties; Domina Elle, Balloon Dominatrix; Looners United, Fetish Entrepreneurs; Sidekink: Sneeze Fetish

CHAPTER FOUR: Body Inflation: To Dream the Impossible Dream

Breast, Belly and Butt Expansion; Nose Growth; BustArtist, Top BE Illustrator; Top 12 Media Moments for Body Expansion Fans; Squeak Latex’s Inflatable Latex Clothing; Sidekink: Preggo

CHAPTER FIVE: Macrophiles: Attack of the 50-Foot Fantasy

Chuckcjc, Quintessential Macro; Ed Lundt, King of the Growth Fantasies; Magic Disc Illusion; Top 10 Giantesses in the Media; Ron H. and Ms. Zena: Black Giantesses Rule the Earth; SizeCon: A New Generation; Sidekink: Vore

CHAPTER SIX: Suburbs of the Foot Fetish: Trample and Crush

Queen Adrena, Trample Goddess; Trampling Safety Tips; Crush Freaks; Jeff “The Bug” Vilencia; Ethics and Laws; Sidekink: Car Crush

CHAPTER SEVEN: Wet and Messy Fun: Getting Down and Dirty

Splosh! magazine; Wetlook; Mudlarking; Bill and Hayley’s Tips and Tricks for Messy Fun; Rubber and Mud; Sludgemaster, Gay Messy Play; Quicksand and Stuck; Major Themes: Taboo; Pieface Mike and Pie Throwing; Candy Custard: A New Face of Sploshing; Sidekink: Clowns

CHAPTER EIGHT: For the Love of Fat: Feeders and Gainers

Fat Phobia and Puritanism; Fat as a Core Fetish Material; Ned Sonntag, FA Artist; Gay Male Gainers and Encouragers; Top Ten Weight Gain Media Sightings; Heather Boyle Nymeyer and Supersize Betsy, Unapologetic Feedees; Funnel Feeding; Sidekink: Smoking

CHAPTER NINE: Medical Play: Let’s Play Doctor

Romain Slocombe’s Bandage Fetish Photography; Laural Wood,; Medical Bondage; Catheters and Specula; How to Clean Insertable Sex Toys; Bob Flanagan: Turning Pain Into Pleasure; Saline Injection Play; Sidekink: Adult Babies

CHAPTER TEN: Eat Me! Cannibal Play Feeds a Need

The Turkey Man Reprised; Armin Meiwes and the Limits of Consent; Megh Vaughan, Meatgirl; Muki’s Kitchen’s Tasteful Meatgirls; Gurgurant, Womaneater and Collector; Top Ten Cannibal Scenes in Popular Culture; The Cannibal Cop; Sidekink: Human Furniture

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Sexy Fandoms

Slash Fiction: Kirk and Spock Get It On; Cecilia Tan, Nerd Pornographer; Furries, Yiff and Yiffsuiters; Plush Fetish; Robots, Mannequins and Dolls; Top Ten Robot/Mannequin Sightings in the Media; Superheroes in Bondage; Pablo Greene; Sidekink: Female Latex Masks

CHAPTER TWELVE: Over the Edge, In Conclusion, Kinkmap and Bibliography