The following is a selective list of participants in the book.

Pieman Mike

Pieplay performer and enthusiast

Mike would show up at clubs with a suitcase full of pies and business cards

Supersized Betsy

Gainer and Author

Feeder/Gainer author, spokesperson and model.

Sofonda Silicone

Inflatable Costume enthusiast

Alter ego of a talented costume maker and inflation enthusiast

Jiminy Thicket

Quicksand fantasy author and enthusiast

Quicksand fantasy author and enthusiast.


Creator of

Author of Pedal Pumping: The Fetish, an ebook on Amazon

FoxWolfie Galen

Plushophile, Furry, Fursuiter

FoxWolfie Galen is the creator of the Plushie Page and is somewhat

Ron H

Creator of Black Giantess Magazine

Black Giantess magazine was devoted to the empowerment of those normally

Piper Pony

Artist and ponyplay educator

Her alter ego is a highland pony powerful enough to give rides. She is a


BE fantasy artist

Creator of Body Expansion comics, illustrations and sometimes Giantess-

Scott Baker

Creator of Sludgemaster

Sludgemaster was a no-hold-barred gay male messy fun organization which

Mr Muki


Tasteful cannibal roleplay photographer

Ned Sonntag

Fat Admiration Artist

Ned is an celebrated illustrator and artist known for his passion for fat

Jeff Vilencia

Crush Freak and Video Maker

Erstwhile creator of crush videos, now out of business due to laws against

Kerry JTV

Creator of

Female latex mask enthusiast, mask creator and entrepreneur

Efrain Gonzalez

BDSM Documentarian

A photographer and historian of New York's BDSM scene since the 1980s, and

Queen Adrena

Giantess and Trample Facilitator

Prominent giantess and trample fantasy facilitator of the 1990s.

Candy Custard

WAMmer and fantasy facilitator

British sploshing fan and messy fun fantasy facilitator.

Romain Slocombe

Medical Bondage Photographer

Bandages and braces, traction, and other forms of medical bondage fill

Robert Hill

Sexy fursuiter and artist

One of the first fursuiters, former professional costumed character at

Paul Reed

Publisher of Equus Eroticus Magazine

Ponygirl trainer, publisher of Equus Eroticus Magazine.

Domina Elle

Balloon Play Dominatrix

Balloon event creatrix, balloon enthusiast and more.

Baby Chrissy

Adult Baby/Diaper Lover

Collector of PVC baby clothing, furniture and props.



Founder of and enthusiast for robot and mannequin


SizeCon founder and artist

Veronica is an artist and co-creator of SizeCon, a convention for

Buster Steve

Looner Community Celebrity

Buster Steve loves to manhandle, overinflate and pop large balloons.


Founder, LA Pony and Critter Club

SubMissAnn's pony persona, Beauty, loves to perform and pull carts.

The Baroness

Latex Fashion Impresario

The Baroness is a designer and producer of latex fashion. Her downtown New

Eden Squeaklatex

Inflatable Fashion Creator

Eden is the creator of Squeaklatex, a purveyor of inflatable latex costumes

Painter Megh


Megh is an artist and meatgirl whose comics and artwork are popular with

Heather Boyle Nymeyer

Weight Gain enthusiast

Heather is an author, fat acceptance activist and lifestyle enthusiast for

Laural Wood


Nurse Laural Wood is the founder of

Bill Shipton

Publisher, Splosh! Magazine

Editor and publisher of Splosh! magazine, for all things wet and messy