Deviant Desires: A Tour of the Erotic Edge

PUB DATE DEC 21, 2017

A revised and expanded edition of the groundbreaking 1999 book that provided a new approach to niche kinks. The new edition reflects the explosion of sexual subcultures in the age of DeviantArt, profiling artists, pornographers, performers, sex workers and community organizers. This edition includes new kinks, updates on people profiled in the original book and much much more.

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Deviant Desires (the original book)


This groundbreaking book is a snapshot of the world of kink in the early days of the internet. It was the first book to cover topics like Ponyplay, Balloon Play and Body Expansion.

Published in 2000 just months before the creation of DeviantArt, this book predicted the rise of niche erotic art and opened readers' eyes to the truth of the axiom, "When correctly viewed, everything is lewd."

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