Furry is a lifestyle and identity that for many has no sexual component. However, for some members of the furry community, their erotic identity is directly bound up with a furry alter ego or fursona. Their erotic fantasies are peopled by anthropomorphic animals, and impossible species/human hybrids and their sexy activities.

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Furvert, Yiff
Core Kink: Plush
Major Theme: Animal Transformation


Katharine Gates has been collecting niche erotica since 1992. Her publishing company Gates of Heck was known for offbeat collaborations with artists like Annie Sprinkle (Post-Porn Modernist Playing Cards, 7 Men Inside Katharine), Joe Coleman (The Book of Joe), Gary Panter (Facetasm) and Art Spiegelman (The Narrative Corpse.) The first edition of Deviant Desires was published in 2000 by Juno Books. In 2006, Gates curated the year-long exhibition KINK:Geography of the Erotic Imagination at Museum of Sex in New York City. She has appeared on countless TV documentary shows such as HBO's Real Sex, BBC, and Discovery Channel. Her kinkmap has been published in College Sexuality textbooks.

People Interviewed

Robert Hill

Sexy fursuiter and artist

One of the first fursuiters, former professional costumed character at Disneyland, creator of erotic furry art.