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SubMissAnn, leader of the LA Pony and Critter Club; Jitensha and Bryan, creators of SizeCon; The Baroness, Balloon Fetish Party Promoter; Domina Elle, balloon dominatrix; Eden, designer of inflatable latex clothing; Looners United, looner entrepreneurs; Candy Custard, Splosh facilitator; Heather Boyle Nymeyer, weight gain lifestyler; Laural Wood, medical toy purveryor; Pablo Greene, Superhero bondage enthusiast.

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Gas pedal pumping; hair; puppy play; sneeze fetish; preggo; vore; smoking; catheter and speculum play; adult babies; cannibal play; human furniture; klowns; superheros in bondage; balloon play; body expansion; inflatable clothing; giantesses and tinies; crush and trample; sploshing, mudlarking and pieplay; feeders and gainers; medical bondage; slash fiction; plush, yiff and mursuits; robots and dolls; female latex masks.

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The new edition is in FULL COLOR with hundreds of new photos and illustrations. In addition to new chapters on the foot fetish and cannibal play, the book has an additional section on the limits of consent. The amazing designer, Eric Timothy Carlson, pulled together images from the internet, transparencies, line art and print media to create a visual collage that is at once pleasurable and destabilizing.

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Fun book! Deep down, everyone wants to be /look / behave like some other creature. DeviantDesires gives us a startling look at a few of these variations.

Fakir Musafar

Father of the Modern Primitive Movement Fakir Musafar

Katharine Gates is the smartest/sexiest/bestest/freshest/coolest/funniest sex researcher in the universe. This book is brilliant. thoroughly entertaining, and super-outrageous.Finally someone has done something sexualy-oriented that is truly original. I dare you to read it and not get turned on!

Annie Sprinkle

Sex Educator, Queen of Kink AnnieSprinkle.org(asm)

Might just do for sexual fetishists what Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff did for astronauts

Ralph Gardner, Jr

Penthouse Magazine Penthouse Magazine


Katharine Gates has been collecting niche erotica since 1992. Her publishing company Gates of Heck was known for offbeat collaborations with artists like Annie Sprinkle (Post-Porn Modernist Playing Cards, 7 Men Inside Katharine), Joe Coleman (The Book of Joe), Gary Panter (Facetasm) and Art Spiegelman (The Narrative Corpse.) The first edition of Deviant Desires was published in 2000 by Juno Books. In 2006, Gates curated the year-long exhibition KINK:Geography of the Erotic Imagination at Museum of Sex in New York City. She has appeared on countless TV documentary shows such as HBO's Real Sex, BBC, and Discovery Channel. Her kinkmap has been published in College Sexuality textbooks.



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